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IDC Manufacturing Insights 
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This IDC Manufacturing Insights report surveys the current technology landscape related to supporting the unique and specialized needs in spare or service parts planning technology along with its support for today's and tomorrow's service management, service excellence, and connected service platform business needs.

Evaluate Service & Spare Parts Management Landscape for your Enterprise

IDC Manufacturing Insights

Acording to IDC Manufacturing Insights, as manufacturers continue to competitively differentiate themselves within various industry settings, aftersales service will increasingly become more important in the overall business and profitability strategy. Many discrete manufacturers can expect to capture upward of 30% of revenue from service and service-based product strategies. Service parts planning (SPP) technology provides the all important nerve center and control point for any service management process.

The evolving 3rd Platform technologies of cloud, IoT, big data and analytics, mobile, and social provide added enablers for transforming service management and service parts planning toward capabilities for more predictive versus reactive decision making.

When considering an investment in SPP technology, IDC Manufacturing Insights recommends that in addition to due diligence on industry-specific capabilities and customer references, manufacturers probe on a vendor's vision and investment plans for enabling more predictive service processes along with plans for leveraging 3rd Platform technologies.